How to install data cable in the building?

Published on Author Mario Greene

Building services provide data cable installation services by default. There are many components that are to be considered before the process begins. It is though not an easy task to perform however there are professionals available for work. Before installation of cables, it is very important to know the checklist. It will make sure that each and every component is there and the installation proceeds smoothly. Some of the most important parts of data cabling are mentioned as under:

Cat 6 cabling. These are to be installed if long term stay in the facility is in mind

Cat 5 cabling. For short term stay or if the future planning includes changing of place

Cable box. It is the most important component which is connected to power supply. Each and every main cable runs through this box to function properly.

In addition to this, there are two ways to install data cable within any building.

  • If a building is under construction. This is the easiest way to ensure that cable is installed within building according to proper and predefined plan.
  • Once the building has been finished. It is the difficult process to follow. Only the company that has erected the cable pipes at the designated locations can perform this kind of installation with ease.

There are certain points which are to be considered while the installation is done.

  • A room generally known as the server room or data center is to be made where all the cables meet. The related network equipment should also be placed here. This room acts as the center for all data cables running through the building.
  • The best way to install cables in the already erected building is to run a steel coil through all the points and within the pipes. The cables are then to be attached at one and the coil is to be pulled from the other end gently. Data cables are very fragile so this pulling should not break them. It would result in data loss and lack of communication. The entire cable would have to be replaced if it happens.
  • While installing the data cables they must not undergo stretch as it can also render them useless. The maximum stretch load these cables can endure is up to 25lbs. above this, the cables will either stretch or break.
  • Advanced equipment should be used to install the cables. To be precise pulling is not recommended at all. Fish tape or spring guns can be used to pull the cables from pipes which have the relatively small radius.

Data cabling services hired for the process should be well versed in all forms of cable installation. It will make sure that the work perfumed is standardized and in line with the requirements. The cables should not twist at all as it also leads to less and degraded performance. Installing data cabling is a process which requires experience and practice. The external components should also be handled with care and perfection. The entire installation is very delicate which would increase the cost if done wrongfully.