Bloggers who have taken the internet by storm in the UK

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The United Kingdom, like many other countries, has provided innovators in the form of bloggers. It’s a huge list of people, who have made it big all across the internet. These bloggers have crafted groundbreaking contents of their own, and have stood up to new challenges. They have brought in a constant change quite frequently. Thanks to their contents, many creators have now started to develop their own web blog pages as well, which can be for both business or even for personal usage. Of course, topics, which bloggers discuss, are so diverse: from beauty news to politics or economy. There are also bloggers, who write about gaming, video games, and gambling. Regardless of the fact, that they give the interesting information, it is recommended to select a trustworthy provider by your own, before starting the game. For this purpose, you can use special review websites, among which we can mark out a ValleyGames, where you can choose the best online casino according to the reviews and your own specification.

Let us see some of the popular bloggers from the UK, who have made it big and have a resounding popularity amongst its followers,

Marie Claire – Fashion and Beauty Trends, Celebrity News, Lifestyles

Marie Claire is perhaps the most prominent blogger in the list. Her website has won millions of heart along the internet and the articles related to fashioning. Marie Claire, herself has written beauty trends and all. With an astounding list of over 1 million followers on Facebook and the figure exactly being 1,722,622 followers, Marie Claire posts articles about 8 articles daily.

Dr. Paul Johnson – A Luxury Travel Blog

This is a blog site run by Dr. Paul Johnson and accounts of his experience of traveling in new places. This site has a worldwide praise among numerous travel lovers and the author has been particular with his articles on diverse issues and details of various popular destinations. The blog has been acclaimed in numerous journalism-based pages and topics such as top resorts in Maldives have received wonderful greetings among the readers globally.

In Facebook, the blog contains a whopping 281,269 followers, and the author ensures to post around 13 blogs a week on different traveling topics.

Victoria Magrath – Inthefrow: Inthefrow is yet another London based popular blog site set up by Victoria Magrath in the year 2012. The cool website is all about fashion advice, tips, and tricks and much more related to women. Aside from this, there is a segment of travel and food included on the website as well. When it comes to the popularity of social media sites, Inthefrow has stood up for having 35,793 followers for this modest yet an intriguing website.

Sasha Wilkins – Liberty London Girl: Liberty London Girl is a lifestyle blog run by Sasha Wilkins, who has taken her hobby and interests in travel to the next level. Her blog site deals mostly in traveling, hotels, fashion, and food and yes philanthropy. Sasha posts about 3 times a week and her fan following count in Facebook is around 19,283.

These are some of the top compassionate British based bloggers, who have won accolades and awards from various online journalism sources for their contributions from time to time. Aside the names mentioned, there are numerous other popular names as well.