7 Best Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog for Free


7 Best Blogging Platforms to Start a Blog for Free

It is not only enough for the physician to be great. Regardless of where he sets his clinic also, right? For almost any blogger, deciding upon the top blogging system is virtually as critical as the material he’s attempting to sell.

This write-up is tailor-made for anybody hoping to begin a site at no cost . You’d want to wind up getting the finest blogging website that’s user friendly, easily customizable and can be easy on your reader’s eyes!

Thinking about expressing your view on the internet? Or even attempting to generate an adequate earning by simply composing your remarks about the huge online arena? There are a vast selection of free blogging websites out there that you begin a site . Obviously, which best site platform you choose is entirely up to you along with your needs.

Listed below below are short write-ups concerning the 7 finest blogging platforms that can help you decide which you can select if seeking to begin a site at no cost.

Virtually all to-be bloggers and present bloggers could have heard of WordPress throughout their blogging trip atleast during their search to the same. In this trip, one is bound to wait for a moment before picking involving WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

WordPress.com is much more for users that are searching for free blogging websites while WordPress.org requires hosting from the consumer, so you need to pay out a couple of dollars to get the most from it entitles you to get full possession of your site.

Determine the advantages and disadvantages of the exact same and determine if it’s the best blogging system for you personally?


WordPress.org is a open source site builder adding to its versatility.
If you’re wanting to earn some income from your blogging, then you could always opt for WordPress.org. It’s among the greatest blogging platforms to get e-commerce.
It provides you a great deal of scope to understand and enlarge. There are an array of communities and forums that will assist you along the way in case you find it hard.

Self-hosting for WordPress.org needs you to spend some money in to it. But the further you are all set to invest, the more rewards you can reap particularly if you’re using the site as part of your company instead of just as a pastime.
The simple difference which may be credited to when it comes to differentiating between the two would be your domain name. In case you’ve detected especially, one has an.org expansion while another has a. com extension. Now the puzzle begins! Go right ahead and browse the cool features which produce both separate from one another.

WordPress.com: is a lot more of applications support established firm which offers hosting providers at large.
WordPress.org: is much more of an informative data container that includes information essentially linked to word media and its different facets.

The setup part is somewhat tricky though.
WordPress.org: This service is completely free and is much more of an open source platform that gives quality merchandise to its customers.

No personalized plug-ins or alteration of source code enabled.
WordPress.com: you need to pay for elimination of these third party ads.
Though another popular blogging system, Weebly is currently mostly employed as a site builder. Together with Weebly, you’ll have your site up and running right away.


It provides you great deal of use. You don’t need to be tech savvy to locate your way round Weebly
Appealing layout and design options
Not time consuming, because it’s comparatively simple to understand just how to go about it
Ideal for all those consumers seeking to develop simple or small sites
Free hosting providers provided for their websites
Has a stage constructed to get e-commerce

Does not provide much flexibility when compared with the other gamers in the system
there’s a page limitation for the complimentary and beginner plans – 5 pages to the prior and 10 pages to the latter. But, there are just two updates in the starter program accessible
Lacks in customization capabilities
doesn’t support extra plugins aside from the ones which are already assembled in. Hence, There’s no choice of installing additional plugins of your choice
Perhaps not Perfect for Those looking to make earnings using complicated websites

You’ll be offered with a customized domain name that’s essentially of the kind yourname.blogspot.com
It provides exclusive free hosting along with also the publishing attributes are all cared for by the website itself.
If you’re just beginning, this free blogging website is definitely suggested for you, as it gives a simple to use graphical interface using a step-by-step process clarified for exactly the same.

The targeted advantages of blogger are extremely excellent. But, customization attributes aren’t so easily available and there’s a type of limited edition themes and graphics for exactly the same.
As it’s relatively user friendly, there’s only limited or no sort of support services offered by the website. But it is possible to search the internet for any assistance need as you begin your own site.
Tumblr has its standing one of the free blogging websites. It is rather a stadium that essentially deals in neighborhood based upgrades and articles equally and contains a 1 stop store look with its picture lined galleries.

Listed below are a number of pros and pitfalls that can help you distinguish it from another finest blogging platforms and provide you a very clear comprehension of what platform to choose for your particular requirements. Go on and give them a glance.


Easy and minimalistic attributes lined with a fantastic user interface that makes it possible to begin your own site for your particular purpose
Quite much like social networking websites, it’s quite a community based site with superior picture gallery online such as re-blogging aspects and so on.
High-end premium topics are offered at an inexpensive price aside from the cheap hosting features it provides. Beginning a tumblr site is actually free!
Offering appealing programs for different sorts of Smartphone on the transfer makes it a fantastic alternative one of the very best blogging platforms.

Customization attributes based on your own requirements isn’t yet made available with this broad platform. This is a massive drawback to this wonderful free blogging website.
Just limited widgets and choices are available for your usage.
Having the ability to construct an extremely possible website with improved functionalities is just one special thing that’s high in demand in today’s market situation. There are an assortment of prospective website builders for fulfilling your corresponding demands and Squarespace is just one such free blogging system that provides such additional functionalities.

But you’d want to have a look at the positive and the negative variables prior to finishing if it is the best blogging system.


It’s not difficult to develop and can be highly functional. The stage is in reality quite comfy to utilize.
User-friendliness and endurance variables are much significant. Fantastic topics are offered for your usage.
Total time fast support is readily available for many squarespace users.
User finish updating isn’t mandatory and most of updation of plugins and themes are done in the host side.

Not acceptable for sophisticated and higher end users that need a larger professionalism of the specified layout. Minimalistic design choices are nevertheless available should you would like to pick.
Premium bundles are slightly past the affordable variety.
In regards to building your site using a typical blogging system, there are a range of solutions available on the internet that provide the exact same to get an inexpensive price. Within this massive contest, one which stands fairly worth mentioning is that the Moderate blogging platform.


The target market is rather great. A few fantastic vulnerability can be found on this type of platform.
It’s user friendly and is very user friendly.
Typography is 1 thing that you can be quite confident of. Such content appears excellent here.

Tough contest is its own excellent drawback. The printed content and material has to be extremely exclusive and of topnotch standard.
Customization features aren’t accessible and there are limited number of topics that you are able to pick from.
The vulnerability to this audience is restricted to the time length of this job.
Designing isn’t what’s precisely provided here exclusively. It’s more of a content based site compared to a free blogging website.
Quite a brand new blogging system that were created in the year 2013, this indigenous site has taken the net by storm. It’s just one exclusive free blogging system developed exclusively for blogging functions and stands rather an appreciation for its distinctive rich and fresh content and fantastic consumer experience.

Listed below are a couple of features that can help you determine the applicability of the blogging platform made to serve your particular business purposes in the large. Go right ahead and have a look!


1. It’s quite simple to use. The site is user friendly and can be highly practical in all its facets.

2. Why is it more appealing is its own exquisite simplicity.

3. Abstraction is offered in a brand-new scale. The modulation of the website is performed especially to match the a variety of content and design demands of their corresponding users.


Widgets and plug-ins are overlooking within this stage that’s a significant drawback compared to other comparable websites!
Being new to the current market, this specific platform is lacking in fundamental user testimonials on a bigger scale.
Weigh your needs and abilities well to make an educated choice!

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